Smart Energy – 60 Capsules

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What is Smart Energy?

Tigereye Nutraceuticals developed a revolutionary energy supplement called Smart Energy. It is the perfect combination of two well researched ingredients, L-Theanine and Natural Caffeine. The ingredients work synergistically to give the user premium long-lasting energy and focus, without the unwanted jitters or crash. Used by Business Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Students, Athletes, Bodybuilders, and many more!

On its’ own Caffeine has shown to increase energy and concentration. But when it comes to being productive for extended periods of time, this is not what you want. Users often experience jitters or fatigued mental state followed by a crash, this is especially common for users that have built up a tolerance for caffeine. Drinking a sugary coffee or energy drink will not provide the type of energy and focus you are looking for to get things done. This is why Smart Energy includes the L-Theanine.

The two ingredients combined at a 2:1 ratio work synergistically to give the user the full positive benefits of both compounds, while eliminating the unwanted effects. The powerful energy and focus derived from the Caffeine is utilized to its full potential and balanced out with L-Theanine.

Many users use Tigereye Smart Energy as a pre-workout, study-aid, coffee/energy drink replacement, or just whenever they need an extra boost.

Smart Energy gives you 4-6 hours of being alert but relaxed, which is ideal for productive activities that call for extended periods of focus and attention.